After hours of research and analysis, we came to the conclusion that the apparent problem was likely fixable. We found the meaning of "Limit Switch is Open" on the Internet. Now if I could only find it! I looked everywhere in the electronics section of the furnace for something that looks like this. Then, my brother & his wife show up at 10:00PM and he looks over the wiring schematic for a couple of minutes. Then, he follows some wires around the inside of the unit. He follows one wire down to the lower furnace area. The lower area houses the FIRE BAD! FIRE BAD! The yellow wire went to a thing that looked like this. So... he proceeded to push the little red button and POP! I then flipped the switch for the furnace to ON and within 5 seconds I knew it was working! We knew what it was and what it looked like, but it took the Super Genius of Uncle Poo Poo to find it! I would like to take this moment to thank my Dad and Brother for their most excellent assitance. I would also like to thank Arnold Service for their excellent site for Troubleshooting Heating Problems. By the way, the only reason this happened is because I am a Jack Ass and did not clean out the filter all summer long. I left the fan going 24 hours a day during the summer, to even out the temperature of the house. If you haven't replaced your filter in a while... Now is a good time to do it!